“La pluma es lengua del alma:
cuales fueren los conceptos que en ella se engendraren,
tales serán sus escritos.”

(Don Quijote a Sancho)


las hojas

Ojalá las hojas no acabaran pudriéndose
Pisadas y olvidadas.
Secas o mojadas.
Mueren sin morir mientras
Las miro y no olvido
Que al instante
Iré otra vez 
  a lo mío.
Sin poder evitar que
Tanto y mucho más

Mientras  me distraigo
Observando y repasando,
Todo lo que aún resta por hacer.
Y al acabar la tarea
Igual que las hojas
Secas o mojadas,
Todo acabará...


  1. Dulce, nobody could or will EVER reject you. If, with a pure mind you speak or act, happiness shall follow you like a never-departing shadow.

    Those leaves...yes! A young man might rake them into piles, children will laugh, jump, and play in their piled softness. And as they rot, they (ALL rotting leaves) will be transformed into something else. Glistening green glades of grass, daisies of the field, a beautiful rose-- one day sent to a loved one smashed in a book.
    ...Maybe Don Quixote? How sad. Have you seen a film "La Strada", starring Anthony Quinn, with also a tragic end to a beautiful one-sided love story?


    All in the Universe are so connected in this infinitely immense web of life, that even rot are not forgot.

    Please remember these truths, unvarnished, unblemished.

  2. BTW...the look of your new blog here is very attractive. Reversing of pictures in your background is a novel idea. The fact that transparency allows the content through, unlike SO many blogs of similar layout design, is thoughtful. Positively A W E S O M E Dulce!

    And that is said not as from a friend, but as from one who has noted your blog designs become more and more conservative and simply beautiful.

    I am so unhappy with my own, but will follow your example and try to get better, more creative, instead of remaining static.

    Bloggers (ALL!) should get out in front of their computers and approach their site as strangers looking in--and what do THEY see? It might salvage some really nice artistic design where the content is nearly unreadable.

    Thank you very much for your work here, a really fine addition to our world of bloggers!

  3. Thank you so much for your always, inconditional support and affection,Steve... my #1 follower and ciber friend...

    It means so much to me that you have taken the time to go and translate and try to decipher my Spanish words!

    You... Peep of mine
    Can't help it, but mean it and say it here, 'I love you'