“La pluma es lengua del alma:
cuales fueren los conceptos que en ella se engendraren,
tales serán sus escritos.”

(Don Quijote a Sancho)



No va a ser igual
Cada día
Como el que pasó
Que sin volver
Sigue insistiendo
Que sin querer
Continúa rumiando
Que por  deber
Sigue afectando
Incluso cuando estoy durmiendo
Nada será igual
Aunque tanto se le parezca
Porque nada es lo mismo
Eso es cambiar

1 comment:

  1. Dulce, During his enlightenment, the Buddha discovered three great truths. He explained these truths in a simple way so that everyone could understand them. I am putting forth all three here, with only #2 being somewhat explained, since that is your topic. OKOK??

    1. First universal truth of the Buddha: NOTHING is lost in the whole Universe

    2. The second universal truth of the Buddha: EVERYTHING is continuously changing. Life is like a river flowing on and on, ever-changing. Sometimes it flows slowly and sometimes swiftly. It is smooth and gentle in some places, but later on snags and rocks crop up out of nowhere. As soon as we think we are safe, something unexpected happens.

    3. Third universal truth of the Buddha: There is continuous change due to the law of cause and effect...called KARMA.

    That's it in a VERY LARGE nutshell, Babeeee!
    Tenderness and PEACE! Por vous.